Bruce and Brent Bitter

Majestic Valley Arena Chandelier


In 2001, we went to Vegas National Rodeo Finals to display our talents of metal art.  During the show, the Majestics Valley Arena owner, Jan visited our booth. Months later, we were contacted by Jan and Donna Brooks , Brooks Interior Design, Inc to bid on this massive chandelier. The Chandelier is 10 foot long, 6 foot wide and 5 foot tall complete with 16 metal lampshades and 3 rings. Each lamp shade has handcut bronco and bull rider designs cut out with authentic barbed wire wrapping both the top and bottom of the shade.  Each design on the bottom ring are actual rodeo designs along with the Majestics Valley Arena running horse logo.   Each ring has a unique pattern of raised diamonds and roundsAs I attended several shows in the past, several show attendees have recognized the chandelier being on the Outdoor Channel.  If you are ever traveling through Montana in the Flat Lake area, please be sure to stop by the arena for one of there unique shows. If you can not make a show, drive by between Kalispelli and Whitefish and see it outside under the log overhang.