Bruce and Brent Bitter

Dodge City Streetscape Pole Art Banners


Along the Sante Fe trail, the city of Dodge City has commissioned us with the challenge of depicting the history of Dodge City into pole art banners. The Stagecoach scene and the Longhorn Cattle Drive are the promotional samples to start the sponsorships. The gunfights, boothill, buffalo, indians and the wild wild west will be displayed in the upcoming banners. Completion of this commission will be  2009.

Dodge City Cattle Drive Banner                Dodge City Stagecoach

The above banners are the two samples provided for Dodge City Sponsorship.  For more information, please contact Bob Lancaster of Dodge City Tourism.


Dodge City Plaques for Sponsors

In 1997, we were commissioned by Dodge City Chamber of Commerce to handcut 45 limited edition minature plaques on natural Kansas limestone base (pictured above).  The plaques were gifts for each sponsor for the large entrance sign of the same design.